oH hELLZ nO!

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An interesting piece of news I happened by this morning:  Apparently Snooki of the Jersey Shore was having a discussion with her boyfriend regarding who was more powerful; Jean Grey of the X-Men or Wolverine of the X-Men.  For a more introspective approach, she decided to take their conversation public on Twitter in order to get input from her fans, who, except a select few, had no idea what she was talking about.  Note: This may be the first time Snooki has had a public discussion with anyone that didn’t involve C-Men.

Many in the nerd/geek culture have given a rousing “Oh hellz no!” in response to Snooki conversing publicly as if she knew what she was talking about in the realm of comic books.  We here at Nerd Monkey have no doubt she was referring to the movies and not the comic books, which was a fact pointed out by Snooki herself when she tweeted Wolverine regular Hugh Jackman:

“I love Wolverine!! He’s my favorite character of all time!”

Others feel differently about this ordeal, thinking that anyone who brings attention to nerd culture should be embraced.  That is, until I remind them all that a culture is only as good as its spokesperson, and Snooki is certainly not mine.  Mary Sue remarked this morning, “but I think this whole thing is kind of cool.  The more the merrier when it comes to people enjoying superheroes.”  May I remind anyone who feels this way of Dr. Sheldon Coopers remarks on more being marrier?

Wait, no, that’s a false equivalency. More does not equal merry. If there were 2,000 people in this apartment right now, would we be celebrating? No, we’d be suffocating.

Please don’t suffocate us, Snooki.  You have a boyfriend for that.

Side note:  There really needs to be no discussion on Jean Grey’s power VS Wolverine’s power.  Jean Grey has shown again and again that she is certainly the most powerful of all the X-Men, including Professor Charles Xavier himself.  And whatever damage Jean Grey doesn’t do to you, The Phoenix will certainly make up for.  This is said with all due respect to Wolverine and his awesomeness,


One comment on “oH hELLZ nO!

  1. OMG! This is too much!!! LOL! Now all I can picture is Snooki “suffocating” her poor boyfriend, and all I want to watch is Freaks.

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