The CBS Nerd Machine Grows Stronger

CBS, the home of the hit nerd culture-based television show The Big Bang Theory is creating a pilot for a show from Conan O’Brien’s Conaco and Warner Bros. Television that is based on nerdy women.  We could call this the female version of The Big Bang Theory, but with Conan O’Brien on board, dare I say it may be even better.

The show is called Super Fun Night and as of this writing, will star Rebel Wilson from this past summer’s blockbuster movie Bridesmaids.  She’s also on board to write and co-produce the show, which could be a super treat considering her past writing credits, such as her popular musical The Westie Monologues, and her acting role in Rules of Engagement, also from CBS Other nerds may remember her from the movie Ghost Rider, although, most of us have spent years trying to forget the movie.

With the popularity of The Big Bang Theory, Conan O’Brien’s consistently good ratings since leaving NBC, the internet sensation of shows like The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog,  as well as the world-wide spread of Nerdfighteria, is it safe to say that nerd culture is taking over the world?  Let us hope.  Whatever it turns out to be, we should remember that it’s from completely different creators from The Big Bang Theory, so I’m sure we can expect a completely different premise and style, which is always good.


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