Top Five Songs Forever Associated with the 80’s

I thought it would be fun to post the top five songs that will forever be associated with the 80’s, not because of their popularity, but because their roles in popular movies and TV shows.  Bad idea?  Maybe, but here goes anyway.

Anyone who remembers the 80’s remembers Obsession by Animotion.  It’s role in 80’s pop culture actually has a very unusual role, however, as I personally remember this song most for being the introduction to the World Wrestling Federation’s Saturday Night’s Main Event in NBC during the 80’s.  For that alone, this song holds a fond place in my nerdy little heart.  And in other one, too.  Oops, Doctor Who reference…

Maybe the kiddies out there won’t remember this song.  Well, except for the retro kiddies.  However, if you are unaware of St. Elmo’s Fire, then just Google it, and you’ll get it.  By the way, a special thanks to Neil Patrick Harris whose tweet this morning about trying to book a table at St. Elmo the day before the super bowl just happened to remind me of how much I love/hate this song.

Should I wait until later to admit marking out when I heard this song during a montage on an episode of Family Guy just a few years ago?  Well, it’s out now.  But if you remember Revenge of the Nerds, then you should remember this classic song from Bone Symphony.

I’m not sure if this Falco classic ever actually appeared in any movies, but it deserves a mention anyway.  By the way, quit calling Falco a German band.  Falco was Austrian.  Just because they speak the same language, doesn’t mean both countries are interchangeable.

How could it be anything else.  This is the Huey Lewis and the News song we remember playing over and over again ad nauseum in the classic 80’s movie Back to the Future.  Yet, I still can’t stop listening to it whenever I get in that 80’s mood, nor can I stop singing along with it when I watch Back to the Future.  I only wish this song had made an appearance in Back to the Future III to wrap it all up properly.

Special author’s note:  You are welcomed, by the way.  This was a perfect opportunity to Rick Roll a ton of people, but I didn’t…YET!


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