In Honor of Superbowl Sunday:

I thought I would post my sentiments vicariously through the great himself, Nice Peter, he who brought us Epic Rap Battles of History.  If you’re not subscribed to Nice Peter, go ahead and click here.

So, whether you’re a New England fan or a New York fan, well, it’s all kind of dumb anyway, isn’t it?  I mean, geographically speaking, isn’t New York part of New England?  So, either way, New York wins.  Then essentially, doesn’t New York have three football teams?  You know, this is all kind of confusing, and it’s still dumb, so enjoy the commercials when they get posted on Youtube later, just like me, and have yourself a nerdy, nerdy Superbowl Sunday.

P.S.  You said it all, Mr. Spiner.



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