Avengers/Harley Davidson Contest

You read that right.  Harley Davidson is teaming up with Marvel in an Avengers motorcycle contest.  More aptly named the Assemble Your Freedom contest, this internet nerd raffle gives you a chance to create your own superhero, describe him or her within 1,000 words, then build your own motorcycle fit for your hero.  Winning the contest will land your hero a spot in a new Avengers digital comic, and will land your ass on a new motorcycle, probably driven by one of the stars of the new movie (or likely one of their stunt doubles).

Simply go to the link above, enter a decoy email, and be sure to check it periodically to see if you land yourself a win.  If you’re like me, however, you probably wouldn’t know what you were doing riding a motorcycle, but it would look pretty good in a garage converted into an Avengers showroom.

So go ahead and enter, and if you win, send us a picture of you with your new super-hog.

Source: AV Club


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