The Nerdiest <3 Day Cards on the Internet

Two days after Darwin Day, it’s Valentine’s Day again.  The day of the year named after a historical saint that…you know, it’s not important.  The important part is that it’s the day to show your significant other that you still love him or her, and express said love in the most unique way you can.  If you need inspiration on how to do that, the following is a collection of some of the nerdiest ❤ Day cards I’ve seen on the net this year.  Enjoy and become inspired.

A good one for that perfect Darwin Day/<3 Day combination.  I naturally select you.

Don’t let the dark side get you down this ❤ Day.  Pick yourself up by your electronic bootstraps and show that significant other the source of the force.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain this one.  I found it to be very, very creative and geeky.

What’s ❤ day without a Bender?

Like any interesting supergiant star, love is always binary.

Okay, so this one may be a little creepy, but I suppose there are nerds in the south too.  Show your love got kissin’ kin in the nerdiest way possible.

On ❤ Day, everything is less than three.

Yes, The Avengers is still coming in May, and that’s only a couple of months away.  May I suggest you properly assemble this ❤ Day?

Excuse me, Ma’am.  Did I drop a neutron?  Because I’m suddenly feeling positively charged!

I don’t know just how great this one is, but what’s a ❤ day without a little River Song?

Plunge her with love this ❤ Day.

In all the worlds in all the cosmos, you’re the only collection of stardust for me.

Thanks for reading.  Happy Darwin Day and ❤ Day to all of you he-nerds and she-nerds.  And for Jebus’ sake, if you’re going to use nerdy pickup lines, your bosons are giving me a hadron is the king of kings.


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