Robert Kirkman’s Creative Preferences for AMC’s The Walking Dead

We’re getting closer and closer to February 12, the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead after mid-season break.  The episode Nebraska, directed by Clark Johnson and written by Evan Reilly, was apparently done so with little to no input from the creator himself, Robert Kirkman, much like almost the entirety of this season.  Apparently, according to him, that’s the way he likes it.

Kirkman recently did an interview with WRAP about his loss in the fight for creative control in the show, and according to him:

When I think back on it and look over it, I see like, ‘Oh, I could have done this better,’ and ‘Oh, I would have never done that now.’ I’m very much of a nature that anything can be improved. And so to me, when I’m in the writer’s room, and they start saying, ‘Well, you know, should we adapt this from the comic?’ and then an entire room of people start going, ‘Well, this should have been like this. And this could have done this. And maybe this would have happened instead and that would have been better.  It’s very easy to be hurt by that.  Like, ‘Oh, they’re tearing apart my story.’ …I don’t really look it that way. I think it’s kind of cool. When things do stand the test of the writer’s room and actually make it into the show, I think it’s that much more rewarding when something I did in a comic book seven years ago appears to be bulletproof, and it goes through that process, and makes it into the show.

For the full story from Reuters, click here.


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