Mattel Releases ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Masters Line

At this week’s Toy Fair 2012, Mattel finally unveiled the newest articles of The Dark Knight Rises Movie Master Line.  The latest including not just Cat Woman, and a super-sweet new Bat spotlight, but a new Bane action figure.  Needless to say, I’ll be keeping an eye out for these bad boys, as they will dawn my bookshelf.  Check out all of the new images below.

Bane looking awfully full of…well, bane.

Just in case you need it for anything.  I mean, the light probably wouldn’t travel ten feet, but if the dark knight is ten feet away from you when you need him, I’m sure he’ll be right to the rescue.

Hey, there he is now.

Doesn’t he just look like the kind of guy who wants matricide for dinner?

Meow!  Screw that singer chick.  There’s only one Selina for me.

Just stay away from Mr. Walken, okay Selina?  Whoops.  Wrong series.

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