The Iron Man 3 Villain: More Rumors from the Peanut Gallery

I am going nuts waiting to hear something more about the Marvel Ant-Man movie.  I think it would be fantastic.  Is it just a good hoax to cover something else up?  Is it a real plan for 2014 like the rumors say?  Will it star the only person fit to play Ant-Man, Nathan Fillion?  

Well, in all of the Ant-Man news I’ve been burying myself within, I seemed to have a bit of news slip by me this morning regarding Iron Man 3.  The current rumor that is spreading around the Red Bull coolers pertains to a possible villain in the third installment to the Iron Man specific series.  Who is it?  Well, it’s just a rumor, but according to many, it’s Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

This speculation began when it was announced that the most of the movie’s shooting was to take place in Wilmington, North Carolina, not far from where The Walking Dead was shot this season.  What makes this location special is that it boasts a large 80′ diameter special effects water tank as one of its main selling points.

Before now, the two largest rumors were The Ghost or Mandarin.  Mandarin is probably an awful idea, as that character was never anything more than a racially charged stereotype.  However, The Ghost could make for a very modern villain, being a superhacker and all.  Plus, when they went through all of the last Iron Man movie with Whiplash being portrayed by Mickey Rourke, anything will be an improvement.  Look, I’m not saying he was awful, but it could have been cast better.

With Mandarin most likely out due to a comment made about the character at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, and The Ghost’s invisibility most likely being an issue for the action-based, yet story-based Iron Man movies; it would appear the first ever anti-hero himself, The Sub-Mariner, is an astute possibility for Tony Stark’s third singular opponent.  But who would play him?

Who knows.  I’m only continuing the spread of this gossip as an exploration into meme theory.   Sub-Mariner in Iron Man 3: Purple monkey dishwasher!


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