The Second Annual Indian Comic Con Starts Today

Is India ready for its second Comic Con India?  Well, it started today, so I hope so.

This year Comic Con India is receiving many special treats, including the arrival of Marvel Comics, who have loads of events in tow for our Asian comic brothers and sisters.  From Incredible Hulk boulder throwing to Thor hammer smashing.  But the real treat arrives this Sunday with an appearance from Iron Man.

Surely DC has a couple of booths in India as well.  Surely ripping off Alan Moore’s life’s work could afford them enough for the plane tickets.  Okay, now is not the time to get into that, or the irony that so many leaders in the industry are boycotting The Avengers while completely ignoring all of DC’s evils, which add up to far greater.  Oops, did I say that?  What I meant to say was, “I digress.”  In reality, the event is put on by Marvel and Disney, so most likely not.

This year’s Comic Con India is only their second annual event and has already sold almost as many tickets as our comic book euphoria, San Diego Comic Con.  Eventually one must think it will attract just as many guests and vendors as well.

For more information on Comic Con India, and hopefully video and photos soon, visit the official site here.

Feel free to watch some videos of last year’s event below.  Don’t worry if you’re not one of those people who have picked up the language from watching Ring Ka King, as most of it is in English anyway.

Note: If you have troubles with the link above to the official site, try typing into your browser.  The website appears to be having issues and loads only about every three times you attempt.  I’m sure they’re just updating.


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