Tony Stark: The Ultimate Avenger Set

Sorry about my lack of posts today.  I was rewriting an entirely new interface for my laptop and that tends to take a while.  But it looks sweet and I’m ready to start monkeying (I’m so sorry) around again.

I just happened to open my Gmail (by pressing the center of an Arc Reactor, I may add) and within all of the Lance Armstrong posts that have infiltrated my Iron Man 3 news alert, I came across this:

I think I can easily say, “Daddy want.”  This is a pretty amazing set on eBay with a current bid of $1,606.18 plus over $200.00 shipping to the US from AU.  This is, however, a pretty astounding piece of movie memorabilia, so if you want to get on over there and buy it up right now, as I would if I had the money, click here.


3 comments on “Tony Stark: The Ultimate Avenger Set

  1. So fantastic – what is this seller doing, getting rid of it (and by getting rid of it, I obviously mean making a ridiculous amount of money, which just makes me even more envious)?! Madness! ‘Astounding’ is the right word; oh, how much I would like to click the “Buy It Now” button…

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