Star Trek News

Today has been a bit of a day for Trekkies like myself around the web.  The first bit of news, of course, is that the new episode in Star Trek Online debuted today, which I have yet to play.  If you don’t play Star Trek Online, then you are really missing out.  It’s truly one of the best MMO’s out there today.

Also it was announced that Star Trek: The Next Generation will indeed start releasing seasons on Blu Ray this year following the success of their test run released in January.  The release only contained four Star Trek: TNG episodes, and ones I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen, but it was a success nonetheless.  Exact dates aren’t known as far as I know, but you can watch the trailer here.  This trailer is not for the seasons, but for the four episode pack, but you can just see how crisp it is.  More in the future when concrete dates are known.

Christopher Pine, who starred as Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie – not to be confused with Christopher Pike who was James T. Kirk’s predecessor – has been sued by his former talent agency, Sdb Partners, which claims that it is being denied millions of dollars in commissions, despite being responsible for securing the actor some of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood. Sdb Partners says that when they turned Pine into an A-list actor, he agreed to stay with the company, stating: “I’m a firm believer in loyalty.” But two years later, Pine decided to go to a bigger agency and thus dropped Sdb. But he did it by email, even though they’ve had a nine year relationship. The lawsuit also reveals Pine’s compensation for some of his recent and upcoming projects. * Unstoppable: $3 million.   This Means War: $5 million, plus $1 million deferred compensation.  Star Trek 2: $1.5 million, plus up to $500,000 in back-end.  Star Trek 3 (tentative): $3 million, plus $500,000 in back-end and 5% of net merchandise revenue.  Plus many more movies such as the upcoming Moscow, for which he’s signed on for $4 million plus extras.  To which I say, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one, so pass some of that my way, Chris!

Also, Hasbro has announced their agreement with CBS Consumer Products to develop a series of products based on the original Star Trek series.  The series is set to release in 2013, approproately enough, the same year we’ll certainly see the sequel to the aforementioned movie Star Trek, featuring Christopher Pine.


2 comments on “Star Trek News

  1. What they should do is let Cryptic have rights to make model ships and characters. From last I heard, STO is canon so I don’t see why not. Wouldn’t mind having my character on a shelf somewhere so I can be like “hey look! It’s me!”
    Far fetched but a trekkie can dream.

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