Writers Matter: Week One: The Incredible Sulk

These are the unsung heroes of art.  Those men and women behind our laughs, our tears; behind making us sit at ease or sit at the edge of our seats.  Cleverly using skillful devices and reinterpreted formulas, they cast a shadow of feeling and emotion over us to which we owe a debt of gratitude.  But for the most part, all of the gold, gifts and grandeur (classic device) go to the directors, the producers, the actors, the editors, the publishers, the singers, and even sometimes, to people completely unrelated to the project.  But not here.  This is about the real heroes, the orators of oration (lame) if you will:  The writer.  Each week here on Nerd Monkey, I’ll feature a writer that has either inspired me or has inspired one of you, should you send me ideas, and we’ll explore their past and maybe even their future.  So, welcome to the other side.  This week’s notable writer is none other than Mr. Alec Sulkin.

Why would I choose Alec Sulkin, you ask?  Honestly, I don’t know.  I just couldn’t think off…wait, no, I know.  It’s because you probably don’t know who Alec Sulkin is.  Just like most of the best writers in film, television, plays, books, music, video games, and other mediums, you probably have no idea who the minds are behind your favorite shows.  Alec Sulkin is an ideal candidate for such an archetype.

In short, here are some of Mr. Sulkin’s most notable writing credits.  The Late Late Show with Craig KilbornFamily GuyThe Cleveland Show, and briefly banging Sarah Silverman.

Sulkin was one of the minds behind Blue Harvest, the original Family Guy Star Wars parody that kicked off the full trilogy.  Other episodes include Chick Cancer and Stew-Roids.

Sulkin is not just funny on the pen, however; he’s also incredibly funny behind the microphone.  Though, he’s maybe a bit too funny on Twitter.

Last year, after the giant Japanese earthquake, and subsequent tsunami, Sulkin tweeted, “If you want to feel better about this earthquake in Japan, Google “Pearl Harbor death toll”.  This got him in some deep trouble on Twitter, though it fell right in line with the Family Guy field of humor.  Some called it insensitive and racist, but I think anyone knows he wasn’t being serious.  If he was, then he’s got to be the most ignorant person on the planet, and nobody that funny can be that ignorant (people who are funny on purpose anyway).  Such is the plague of a dark sense of humor.

That being said, as I had to cover it, Sulkin is currently working with fellow writer Wellesley Wild (not a typo) on a show that has yet to be announced, and he is still working on Family Guy, set to do his eleventh episode of the popular Fox show.

The Sulk is no longer banging Sarah Silverman.  I thought I would end it on a low note, because that’s how I roll.

Certainly, Alec Sulkin is one of the many writers in America today that truly make the #Snickelfritz happen.

Follow The Incredible Sulk on Twitter @thesulk and on Facebook somewhere, I’m sure.


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