Google Goggles?


I feel we’re missing a hell of a marketing opportunity here.  Seriously, Google Glasses?  I really like Google Goggles, so let’s make that catch on.

What you’re looking at is a pair of $200-$600 pair of glasses that are set to be released much later in the year.  These glasses will directly stream contact from Google into your lenses.  If you thought nerds were smart before, just wait and see how smart we are when we can look everything up on Google through our glasses.  Although, I’m one of those nerds who has never had a need for glasses, as specific phobias of mine have forced me to take great care of my eyes.  Yet, I think I’ll buy a pair anyway.

These lenses are causing all types of concerns, such as what if people wear these while driving and suddenly they’re blinded by a Google screen?  What about privacy?

Well, I’m sure Google will answer these questions, and hopefully personalization will correct for most of he concerns people have about these.

What do you think?  As NPR news asked this morning, are these glasses fantastic or frightening?  Personally, I think the idea of the Google Goggle is fantastic, and they come years before they were predicted by Dr. Michio Kaku’s book, The Physics of the Future.


[Source: NPR]


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