Hmm. What do I Have That’s Green?

Happy Green Day, everyone!  I think you know where I’m going with this.  Let’s celebrate Green Day the only way a nerd really can: Orions!  Cosplay Orions!!!

No, sir.  You didn’t dress up.  You don’t get a photo with the sexy Orion girl.  Sorry.


I’m sorry.  What now?

Yeah, I still didn’t get that.

Orion pageant?  Where was this and why was I not there?  Google alerts has failed me again.

Yeah, shes’ in here twice.  So what?

Oh, captain, my captain!

So, she looks a little more like a chain mail She-Hulk, but she’s still green!

Someone didn’t here about the role concealer plays in properly sustaining makeup.  Hers is kind of coming off as well.

Yep.  If I hold out any hope for the future of human evolution, it’s either bioluminescence or the gradual development of green skin.  Instead of hes and shes, we can be hulks and Orions.


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