Hulk-Smashing Records for Marvel’s The Avengers


Having recently broken records worldwide, Joss Whedon’s masterpiece, The Avengers, has broken all box office records here in the United States.  From May 4-6 The Avengers brought in $200.3 million for Marvel and Disney, Hulk-smashing previous records set by The Hunger Games and Dark Knight.  It’s also the biggest opening weekend for any movie ever opening in the United States.  As of this writing, The Avengers has grossed over $600 million worldwide; and with good reason.

I’m happy to say that this will not be the end of the relationship between Marvel/Disney and Joss Whedon, as, as I’ve said in previous posts, the four-year, multiple-movie build up to The Avengers was more than worth the wait.  I don’t ever post spoilers on this blog, so I can’t go too far into detail, but if you haven’t seen this movie, do it!

My immediate reaction to the movie was also posted on here.  You can find it here


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