Tesla: History’s Greatest Geek [info-graphic]

This was originally posted on theoatmeal.com this morning, and being a life-long Tesla-lover, I had to share it as well.  It’s full of interesting facts about Tesla, as well as the real, and not so commonly known, history of modern electricity.  Click the image to view larger!



2 comments on “Tesla: History’s Greatest Geek [info-graphic]

  1. Being a nerd is totally opposite of what Tesla was. He was turning down ladies because he had a reason to do so. A reason he believed in. And nerds never are popular among ladies. I can go on with this, but I believe I’ve made my point already.

    • Yep. A man dedicating his entire life to science, holding nothing else of importance to him. Nothing nerdy about that. You can’t possibly be serious. Plus, I think your view of what a “nerd” is appears to be distorted. It probably stems from self esteem issues. I’m sure you’ll get over it some day.

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