Star Trek: TNG – Doctor Who Assimilation Partial Review [contains spoilers]

Wow.  And a great start it is.  Assimilation, just released today in comic book stores around the country, is already promising to be a fantastic series.  It starts off immediately into the action with Earth being assaulted by probably the most formidable twosome in comic book history: The Borg and The Cybermen.  From there, we flash to the Doctor, Rory, and Amy in ancient Egypt, incensed on speaking to the Pharaoh, who is more than familiar with the species: The Timelords.  A fight scene later, the three find themselves in pre-WWII San Francisco, where they intend on finding a mystery or five.  However, what they find is Lt. Commander Data in a pinstripe suit in a speakeasy.

As far as I’m concerned, the way they kept the two stories separate in this first issue (of six) only made it that much more special.  Now we have to wait Picard knows how long for the next issue.  While I love this comic, it reminds me why I’m not much for single issue, and I usually wait for a trade.  This one, however, I had to have right away.

Also, if you’re in the comic book store today, which you should be every Wednesday, be sure to check out America’s Got Powers issue 2.  Nicole, my fiancee, cannot stop raving about this series.


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