Box Office News: Hulk Still Smashing Records

If you can believe it, Marvel’s The Avengers is still breaking records.  The May box office numbers are in, and while May wasn’t that great of a month for the box office overall, Marvel’s The Avengers takes no fault in that.  In fact, the movie is responsible solely for slightly over 52% of the total box office gains in the month of May.  That’s right.  One movie accounted for more than half the total box office gains in one month.

The actual numbers show The Avengers is still breaking records.  As previously reported, The Avengers broke an all-time opening weekend figure with over $200 million, smashing any and all records throughout history.  The Avengers, in its second weekend, broke a new record with just over $103 million.  That’s not all.  The Avengers came in second place with its third and fourth weekends, bringing in $55 million in its third weekend, and $35 million in its fourth.  As it stands right now, the film has brought in $532.5 million domestic, which is a fourth place stronghold (overall box office gross US) just behind Dark Knight, which it is estimated will be usurped by day’s end Saturday.  It should also be noted that aside from its domestic purse, its overseas dollars have also soared to $790.2 million, bringing its grand total to $1,322.7 million, where it currently sits in fourth place in worldwide dollars, behind Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows ($1,328.1 million)

The Avengers, should it maintain this type of momentum, could very well leap to the top all time domestic box office purse by the end of its theatrical run, beating out both Titanic (2) and Avatar (1).  Currently sitting at $532.5 million, should my math serve me well, it need only make another $228 million to make it to the top of the list, which may be doable in the next couple of months, should they aim for a Christmas DVD/Blu Ray release.



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