List of Women I Would Marry Extended: KayleighOC [photos]

Yesterday, Think Geek (my favorite online shopping destination) posted a photo of a woman’s nails that were painted and actually cut as well, to resemble the iconic shapes from the popular 1980’s video game Tetris.  I did a little investigative journalism into who this woman was – and by “investigative journalism, I mean I clicked the link provided by Think Geek.  The link took me to deviantART user KayleighOC, whose work I scoured for far longer than I probably should have.  Why?  Because it’s amazing.

I thought I would give you a treat and share what I saw.

I shutter to think of the time and space it took to achieve this relative dimension.

Karl Pilkington: Moronic Genius Mank Extraordinaire.

If you know how these nails relate to sodium, then you’re at the right blog.

A perfect photo for Pinterest if I’ve ever seen one.

This is just a taste of the awesome things presented at her deviantART page.  I strongly suggest you follow the link above, comment, like, favorite, t it, + it, F it, Tweet it, Pin it, Stumble it, and whatever else it is you kids are doing these days.


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