9 Best Nerdy Father’s Day Cards [photos]

Happy Father’s Day from Nerd Monkey.  Here’s hoping your Father’s Day is as nerdy as your Bloomsday was yesterday!  In honor, here are some of the nerdiest Father’s Day cards I could find.  Yes, expect Star Wars:

Who needs an iPad when you have an iDad?

Just don’t expect the middle to react well.

A father is like a game of Scrabble.  You can… okay, I’ve got nothing.

As I said, expect Star Wars.

What’s a holiday without a motivational poster meme?

I demand a paternity test!

No.  That’s impossible!

I thought it was very cute.

Again.  Paternity tests required.

I also want to give a thumbs up to all of the mothers out there pulling double duty this Father’s Day.  For some reason we only give single parents recognition on one day of the year, when they really deserve it as much as you can give it.  So, how about we at least give them that extra card and gift every year?


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