A Little Nerd News for the Weekend

You’ve probably noticed there’s no Nerd News this week on Nerd Monkey TV over on the Youtubes.  This is because I’ve spent this weekend helping out at Minneapolis GLBT Pride, and I’ve also had some personal obligations.  It’ll be back next week in full force.  For now, however, a little movie news for you nerds out there:

Back on June 5th, it was reported that 20th Century Fox registered the title Days of Future Past with the MPAA’s Title Registration Bureau.  Comic book fans will remember this as the title of one of the best X-Men series ever released by Marvel, and has brought into question the storyline for the sequel to X-Men first class.  Will the sequel to First Class actually be based on the classic X-Men series, or is this just a reference title?  Nobody really knows at this point, and it may be too early to speculate.

Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games fame is also set to star in the sequel to First Class, reprising her role as the villainous and seductive Mystique.  Originally, there was a clash in scheduling between the sequel to First Class and the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, however, production for X-Men First Class was been moved to next year, avoiding scheduling conflict.

Matthew Vaughn is obviously locked in to return to the franchise to direct, along with Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender.

X-Men First Class begins shooting in January of 2013.

On the subject of Catching Fire, Lionsgate has yet to strike a deal with director Gary Ross, to return to direct the sequel to the box office smash The Hunger Games.  With the success of the first movie, I would think Lionsgate would want him to return to direct the remaining movies in the Hunger Games trilogy, but such is the way of the movie business, there are no guarantees, no matter the success of your previous work.

Catching Fire is set to begin filming in August of this year.


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