WWE Performers in Car Accident Leaving #SDCC

In a freak incident, WWE performers Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, and Justin Roberts were involved in a collision leaving the San Diego Convention Center, where they were guests at San Diego Comic Con.

According to WWE.COM, the three were leaving the center in downtown San Diego when they were rear-ended by a car at full speed (30-35 mph).

“It was a quiet ride since Dolph and I don’t get along, then all of a sudden, the brakes hit and I slid down the couch part of the limo. The driver stopped and the car behind us hit us,” Zack Ryder said.  “I landed on the floor and my neck hit the edge of the chair,” Ryder added. “Ziggler went flying. Justin went flying. The car hit us full speed; we all got thrown from our seats. My neck is a little sore. That’s it. We’re all OK though,” he said.

According to paramedics, the three were okay, with Ryder suffering a slight stinger to the neck, something to which most WWE performers are very accustomed.


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