Nerd Monkey Bat-News

It’s time for some Nerd Monkey bat-news.  As all of you most likely already know, Dark Knight Rises comes out this Friday.  Midnight screenings are obviously available across the country, and many of them are completely booked.  Dark Knight Rises is playing on 11 screens at my regular theater, and most of the tickets are long-gone, so get out there and get your tickets today.

Speaking of Dark Knight Rises, this video below is from Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, featuring Pee-wee Herman lending his voice-over skills to the Dark Knight Rises trailer.  Enjoy:

Also, I thought I should make note that available over at Bonanza is the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Hot Wheels Batman set, featuring the classic vehicles from the Adam West Batman series.  You can own the Batgirl Cycle, Batmobile, and the Bat Cycle, all in one set in a beautiful display box.  If you buy this, just promise me you won’t take it out of the packaging, okay?


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