Thor and Captain America Sequel Stories Revealed

As announced yesterday, Marvel has five movies currently in production: Thor 2, Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Iron Man 3.  Upon announcing the two secret movies yesterday, they also announced the full titles of both Thor 2 and Captain America 2, giving us clues to the stories they will be telling.  Thor 2 is Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America 2 is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

These are hefty clues as to the stories they’ll be telling, and I couldn’t be more excited to see them come to the big screen.

Thor 2: The Dark World is most likely in reference to The Casket of Ancient Winters and the Dark Elves.  Malekith the Accursed was previously rumored to be part of the next Thor movie.  Malekith was the ruler of the dark elves, and once held The Casket of Ancient Winters.  It is too early to tell if this is the probable story, or if I’m just talking out of my nerdy rear end, but I’m pretty confident, as well as excited, that this is the story.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is pretty straight forward.  This is one of the greatest Captain America series of all time.  The story involves the “resurrection” of Bucky.  In the story, however, Bucky was never actually killed, but was badly injured and found by Russian soldiers.  Bucky then had his arm replaced by a mechanical limb, and was brainwashed by the soviet Department X to become a super assassin and fight against Captain America.  In the story, Bucky also assassinated Red Skull under orders of the soviet general Aleksander Lukin.  However, this will probably not appear in the film, since Red Skull was done away with in the first movie.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these stories come to life on the silver screen, and I can’t wait to see Bucky as The Winter Soldier.  I hope you’re all with me.


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