Nerd Monkey Presents: Moron’s Corner

I usually go pretty far out of my way not to bring up topics like religion or politics on this blog.  This site is supposed to be for fun things – those things that make life enjoyable for nerds like us.  However, some times these worlds collide; and if for any reason this blog has ever appealed to a demographic that would consider Rush Limbaugh to be a well-reasoned or intelligent person, I’ve made a mistake somewhere along the lines. Here is another example of why Rush Limbaugh is a moron (forgive the seeming hyperbole, but it is true.)

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“Do you think that it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire breathing four eyed whatever it is villain in this movie is named Bain [sic]?” Limbaugh asked on his radio show today, according to a transcript of the audio on his show’s website.

Yes, people, he really said this.  Or should I say, he really “asked this question”.  This is another example of the stupidity of America’s far right-wing conspiracy hypothesis crowd (I’ll use the word “theory” when there is enough evidence for any of them to consider them under the scientific meaning of the word).

The truth is that the two are completely unrelated.  Here’s why:

1.  The word bane dates back to the year 1000 or earlier, and has always been synonymous with death, destruction and ruin.  Its origins are in the Old English word bana which means slayer.  Unless Bain Capital was around then, and the entire English language is one giant conspiracy, Limbaugh is a paranoid moron.

2.  The script for Dark Knight Rises was turned in to Warner Brothers back in 2008; four years before Mitt Romney’s association with Bain Capital was reported by the mainstream media.  Unless the writer of Dark Knight Rises is part of the “Hollywood liberal conspiracy” Rush Limbaugh is a bloated nitz.

3. Bane made his first appearance in Batman: The Vengeance of Bane in 1993, nearly two decades before Bain Capital was ever exposed in the mainstream media.  Unless the writer of this comic in 1993 could see into the future and wished to attack Romney in a theatrical blockbuster, Rush Limbaugh is a drug-addled, delusional scat.

4. Bane was used in the movie Batman and Robin, directed by Tim Burton, in 1996; fifteen years before Bain Capital ever received national media attention.  Unless Tim Burton also has the magical power of seeing into the future, Rush Limbaugh is a soulless radio-puppet with no regard to facts or reality.

Much like Mitt Romney’s resignation to Bain Capital, apparently this conspiracy is retro-active, dating back to 11th century England.  This you must believe this if you believe anything coming out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth.  Secondly, maybe Bain Capital should have been slightly more careful in choosing a name – perhaps something that isn’t a homonym of a word that means destruction, terror, and death.  However, I do commend Bain Capital for their honesty.  This is exactly what their company has stood for since 1984.

Also, don’t forget to see The Dark Knight Rises, in theaters this Friday.  I’ve already pre-ordered, and I’ll see the movie with an even bigger smile knowing that Rush Limbaugh will be unhappy about it.

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