Ant-Man Teaser: I Wish it Were Real

I’ve seen this photo going around a lot today, and I thought it would be important to note that it is indeed not real.  This is a fan-made photo – nothing more.  Ewan McGregor has not been cast as Henry Pym, nor is he even in talks as far as this writing.  I will admit, however, that this is pretty good work.  Anyone familiar with photoshop or other rendering programs can spot the shopping immediately, but that’s neither here nor there.  It’s a pretty sweet photo, and I commend whomever is responsible for it.  They even got the exact transparency of the Marvel logo.  Even though I’ve got my heart set on two different actors for the role of Pym (Simon Pegg or Nathan Fillion), this photo has manage to brainwash me as well as tons of Marvel fans, into thinking McGregor would be great for the role.

Again, this photo is not real.  It is fan-made.  It is not an official Marvel preview of Ant-Man, which for all we know, hasn’t even begun casting, let alone promo production.  Sorry to be a curmudgeon, but it’s the truth.


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