Happy Birthday, HDTV


Today is the birthday of HDTV.  In 1996 the FCC granted a license to WRAL in Raleigh, NC, granting them permission to use American airwaves to transmit an experimental digital signal on their network.  On July 23, 1996, WRAL achieved this feat, successfully broadcasting the very first digital broadcast on American airwaves.  Needless to say, this started the television revolution, the effects of which we see in today’s digital age.

Today, all television broadcasts are in digital, including network.  All computer screens are digital.  Good luck buying a tube television these days, since any television made in the last few years is also digital.  We watch movies entirely these days, unless you’re a retro nut like me and held on to your VHS collection.  We listen to digital music.  Our phones, our tablets, our books; everything is digital, and it all started here.


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