Today in Nerd History: July 29

Today in 1830 liberals led by Marquis of Lafayette seized Paris in opposition to the king’s restrictions on citizens’ rights.

Today marks the anniversary of the first transcontinental television service.  On this day in 1914, two people held a non-stop conversation ranging from New York to San Francisco.

Today in 1950 saw the release of RKO Pictures’ and Walt Disney’s adaptation of the literary classic, Treasure Island, originally written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Today in 1952 was the first non-stop transpacific jet flight.

In 1958, the US Congress passed legislation establishing NASA.

Today in 1978 Pioneer 11 transmitted the closest photos ever taken of Saturn and its rings.


Today’s birthdays include:

Hank Ketchum (Author)

Charles William Beebe (American biologist)

Dag Hammerarskjold (Swedish diplomat, economist, and author)

Wil Wheaton (American actor, internet and television show host, nerd extraordinaire)



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