Shooting at Dark Knight Rises Premier in Aurora, Colorado

I only got home a half hour ago, and I was very excited to come on here and talk about this movie, as it was amazing.  However, upon getting home, my remote hasn’t moved, as I’ve been watching MSNBC which is reporting on a real life horror story involving a shooting and possible bombing at the Dark Knight Rises premier in Aurora, Colorado.  Reports are conflicting.  Some are saying there were multiple explosions and others saw smoke.  At least ten people are dead and tens of other are wounded.

I just wanted to send my heart out to the families of anyone who was harmed in any way at this shooting.  I just don’t know what is wrong with people or why someone would make the decision to take lives at random.  I just don’t get.  You want to ask why, but you know there is probably not a real answer.  I’ll stay off the free-flow rant and just let everyone know I’m sending my best wishes to anyone involved in this scene, short of those responsible of course.


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