Anthony Smith is Blue Ear

What a heart-wrenching story this is.  One could certainly call the folks at Marvel the real life superheroes considering the events within the company in the past year.  Not only being the first company with an openly gay superhero (for quite some time now, actually), but featuring the first same-sex marriage in the history of comics.  It doesn’t stop there, however.

As reported by Brian Browdie at the New York Daily News

The 4-year-old New Hampshire boy didn’t want to use his hearing aid, telling his mom that superheroes don’t wear them.

Leave it to some real-life heroes at Marvel Comics to create a hearing-aid-wearing superhero in honor of little Anthony Smith. The child was born with a genetic disorder that left him without a functioning right ear and significant hearing loss in the other.

The creation of the new character began when Smith’s mother wrote to Marvel recently after her son told her he didn’t want to wear his blue hearing aid to school.

Meet Blue Ear.  Marvel’s newest superhero is not only named after Anthony, but is the second superhero to wear a hearing aid.  Second?  Yes, actually.  Many of you comic fiends know that during the 1980’s, during a single issue comic, Hawkeye lost his hearing.  Hawkeye, an established member of The Avenger Initiative, has worn hearing aids since, although not in the Marvel movies.

The creation of this character was not the only gift to Anthony.  Anthony also received a drawing of Anthony as Blue Ear and Hawkeye together.

This is an inspiring story that only continues to unfold.  Call it what you want.  Even if it is just PR, Anthony can be like a superhero made especially for him, and named after him, just by wearing his hearing aid.  He no longer is ashamed to wear it to school or anywhere else because of Marvel’s actions, that started from a simple email.  There you have it.  If you think the people at Marvel aren’t reading your emails, I’m afraid this story has just pwned your misconception.  It’s cases like this that keep me a loyal fan of Marvel, although I do admit to branching out a little with IDW and other independent comic companies.

I want to join the many in thanking Marvel for such a heart-warming and kind act, and I with nothing but the best to the executives at Marvel that not only made my childhood a wonderful time, but have made Anthony Smith’s childhood not just a little bit easier, but quite possibly legendary.  Though I’m sure I won’t read Blue Ear, I promise I’ll buy every issue, not only to support Anthony, but also to support acts of kindness such as this.


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